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163rd Parkhill Fair 

August 11 - 13th, 2023

The Sandbaggers Bash

For Derby Fans !!

The prize money for our derby needs to be bigger. 

This fundraiser aims to accomplish that !!

Support the Derby --> $40 ticket

1/2 Rack of Ribs

1 lb of chicken wings

​March 18th 7:30 pm

Licenced, Games & More

Only 150 tickets!

*** Pre-order only ***

Text/call Brian at 519-694-0804

West Williams Hall
33217 Kerwood Rd, Parkhill

2023 Fair prep is underway!

2023 Exhibit info is coming out soon.

The Parkhill Fair Board will be releasing the exhibitors book in March this year to allow you lots of time to get your exhibits ready.  Until then, the old exhibit categories are mostly the same, and can be found on the Documents page, along with derby rules, snowmobile grass drags, and more!

Your Parkhill Fair volunteers are working hard to make this year's fair fun-tastic!  We could use your help in many different areas, whatever your capabilities are. 

... are the first Monday of the month, 7:30pm, now held at Grace Bible Chapel. If you want to make a difference in how the fair runs, come to a meeting!

2023 Admission

Preschool - Free

12 & under - $2.00

​Teens and Adults:

$10 Saturday

$10 Sunday

Weekend Pass: $15

Exhibitor fees:

14 & under - Free (if Class 16 only)

15 & older - $10 Exhibitor Fee

If you are 14 & under, but exhibit in any class other than 16, you will require a $10 Exhibitors card

** Your Exhibitors Card or your Parkhill Ag Society membership are each valid as a pass for the entire weekend **

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